Alexa enables free calling

Alexa announces its newest feature: Alexa calling. That’s right. Alexa now has free voice calling and messaging services that you can use through all Echo devices as well as the Alexa app users.

Users of the latest Echo will get many additional features as well. One of them is the “Drop In” which lets you make a call to anyone even if they do not answer the phone first. Amazon is not advertising these new features as a way to replace the way you make phone calls but rather a way to communicate with close family members or check in on elderly relatives.

Keep in mind that as of now, you cannot use Echo to call your friends landline but you can call or message anyone with the Alexa app.

This feature is very unlikely for Amazon. To date it has always been a support for Echo owners but never a standalone app for other Amazon services. The emergence of this new service merely emphasizes how the business is straying away from it’s old mission.


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