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Battery Saving Techniques for the Android

Usually our phones can last about a day without dying but just by making a couple of tweaks, you can extend your Android’s battery life.

  1. Taking an inventory – it is good to look in settings once and awhile and see which applications are using the most battery and avoid using those as much during the day.
  2. Unplugging – refrain from charging your phone whenever you get the chance. Charging your phone unnecessarily can actually harm the battery. It is best to charge your phone when you actually need to.
  3. Dimming the display – turn on your adaptive brightness in the settings. This feature will optimize brightness depending on the lighting in the room. You should also lower brightness as much as possible.
  4. Turning on battery saver –  you can set your phone to turn on battery saver when it reaches 15% or 5%. This feature effectively shuts down all extraneous activities, including background syncing, vibrations, animations, and location services.
  5. Turning off animations and haptics – animations and vibrations suck small amount of battery life and at the end of the day it can add up. So it is best to turn them off when you need to save your battery.
  6. Tweaking notifications and updates – there is a toggle in the app’s settings to allow auto-updating of apps over cellular or Wifi. Unless there is a specific app you need, there is no reason why you can’t just wait until you’re plugged to update.

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