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Windows 10 Solutions

We have become increasingly reliant on our PCs which means more problems with PCs have occurred, Luckily, Microsoft has many bundled tools and utilities that can fix your problems that most of us don’t even know about. Here are a few: 

  1. Recovery Drive – you can look for Recovery in the Control Panel. You can then create a USWindows-10-squareB Flash Recovery Drive with Windows 10 allowing you to include a full backup copy of the operating system if something went wrong
  2. System File Checker – typing SFC/ScanNow will scan the OS for file corruptions
  3. Reliability history – search for Reliability in the Start menu to “View Reliability History”. This will show users red and yellow warning icons to detail crashes and errors that have occurred. Clicking on one will even provide possible solutions to the problem 
  4. Event Viewer – Event Viewer will list all errors, warnings and critical events sorted by date and time that they occurred. You can export information so that they can be read by a tech expert
  5. Task Manager, Performance Monitor and Resource Monitor – allows you to right click on any running application to find out more details about a problem that may have occurred online. 
  6. Problem Steps Recorder – search PSR in the Start Menu and this tool will give you detailed screenshots of what the user has been clicking or what actions they have performed so that the someone can better identify the problem 
  7. Remote Assistance and Quick Assist – you can provide remote help to another person using the Windows Remote Assistance feature which can be found in the Settings 
  8. Identifying unknown hardware – if a device is listed as “unidentified” you can double click it and see its vendor and device codes 

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