Old Flaws in your PC you may have never heard about

You may not believe it but recent studies have shown that security bugs don’t just originate from our most recent technologies but rather from the oldest. This issue exists in the 20-year-old Windows Print Spooler that presents the opportunity for malware to be brought on to a PC. This is… Read More

What is SHA-2 and how does it affect me?

First, let’s understand what SHA-1 does. Both SHA-1 and its successor, SHA-2, are specific types of signing algorithms. Signing algorithms are used as part of the identity validation role that SSL certificates perform. They are mathematical functions (referred to as a “hash”) which, when performed, should calculate a persistent and… Read More

End of Windows XP, Have You Upgraded?

Microsoft will stop updating Windows XP. If you’ve upgraded your systems then you’re on track!  If you haven’t had time like many out there, you’re not alone.  We can help, just contact us today.  If upgrading your system is completely out of the question at the moment, here are 8… Read More

Windows XP End of Life

Windows® XP grasps for air as it reaches its end.   Microsoft has announced that it will end active support and give Windows XP its “end of life” (EOL) on April 8th 2014.  A truly compliance and risk nightmare for businesses and organizations.   What does this mean for you?… Read More

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