Windows 10: Steps to a highly secure device

Cheap options for highly secure devices are available but not taken advantage by consumers. Microsoft has released a new document explaining the minimum hardware and firmware requirements to create a secure device. Here are some steps you can take: Systems must be on the latest, certified silicon chip for the… Read More

How to get Cortana’s Attention

Here’s a popular question that many people ask: “How do I make the Cortana software on Windows 10 ignore everyone else but only respond to my voice?” The answer is almost intuitive. For Cortana to to filter out one voice, they software has to get to know that voice. To start… Read More

Windows 10 App Access

You can access all your apps in the start menu with Windows 10 Simply click on “All apps” at the bottom left corner and you can easily view and access all the apps on your computer in alphabetical order. Sources:

Windows 10 Beta Program

A couple of weeks ago Windows 10 released their newest beta program. The program will let business users sign up for beta updates with their Azure Active Directory credentials. This new feature aims to provide IT professionals a way to give Microsoft business specific feedback on Windows 10 features, allowing… Read More

Windows Find my Device

Windows isn’t just on desktops anymore like you think it would be. A handy new feature called Find my Device does exactly what you think it would do. To activate it, go to Start > Update & Security > Find my Device > Change > Save my device’s location periodically… Read More

Microsoft begins blocking updates for older Windows

It’s the end of the line for Windows 7 on the latest PC designs. Anyone running on an older versions received a message that they no longer have supported hardware when the security updates for Windows 7 and 8.1 came out. This issue occurs with the newer hardware equipped with… Read More

Windows 10 Creators Update Removes 11 Significant Features

Microsoft is planning on distributing its free Windows 10 Creators update today and before you decide to update, be aware of the features that are being removed: Flash autorun in Edge – Flash will be turned off by default just like Chrome. However, it can be re enabled manually. Interactive… Read More

Double Agent Attack

Researchers from Cybellum have recently discovered another technique that criminals can use to take over your computer. This attack called, DoubleAgent, exploits Microsoft’s Application Verifier which is used by developers to fix bugs in their apps. In order to use this, developers have to load a DLL into their application… Read More

Windows 10 Updates

There has been much controversy with the new Windows 10 operating system and privacy issues. Windows 10 has been logging every single keystroke users make on their keyboard and this data is being sent over to Microsoft servers daily. If you are concerned about your privacy there is a way… Read More

Troubleshooting frozen screens – Windows 10

Have you upgraded to Windows 10 but realized that your PC has started freezing more? Here are some tips to help prevent this:  Uninstall Incompatible Programs – check the programs you have installed and see if they really are compatible with Windows 10  Update Drivers and BIOS –  Adjust Paging… Read More

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