Windows 10 Updates

There has been much controversy with the new Windows 10 operating system and privacy issues. Windows 10 has been logging every single keystroke users make on their keyboard and this data is being sent over to Microsoft servers daily. If you are concerned about your privacy there is a way… Read More

Is Apple deleting you Apps? Fix this now!

Apple recently announced its intention to clean up the App store by removing apps that may fail to meet the standards they are looking for. If you have received a notification that one of your apps is at risk, there is a way to fix this! Most of the apps… Read More

Android Bugs

Android has taken a downfall this week as two vulnerabilities were disclosed and malicious apps were downloaded. Updates have been released but many Android devices are still not eligible for the update, giving attackers more time to exploit devices. These are the bugs that were disclosed: CVE 2016-3861 – allows… Read More

Microsoft Holds off on New Updates

As excited as everyone is about the latest Microsoft operating system, Windows 10, Microsoft has recently announced that they will not be adding any more features to Windows 10 this year. Windows users will have to wait until next year for two major updates planned. The company has set a… Read More

End of Windows Server 2003, Have You Upgraded?

Support for Windows Server 2003/R2 is approaching in less than 80 days. Many organizations have not yet migrated their systems and may be unsure of the implications or effects it may have such as upgrade costs of hardware and software licenses, software incompatibilities, training, time it may take to migrate and… Read More

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