Why Buying Followers can Damage Your Business

There is a common saying that goes, “there’s no such thing as a shortcut to success.” This adage holds true even in  an age where technology demands more in less time. Having many followers, likes, and fans through social media looks good for a business. Many companies are desperate to… Read More

The Best and Worst Times to Post: Twitter

Find out how you can improve your social media strategies by knowing the best and worst times to post, when users are active, and how to get more clicks! Follow our #socialmedia series by following @RedOrum on Twitter or liking us on Facebook. Stay tuned for more as we’ll feature… Read More

Infographic Explaining Different Types of Social Media

With so many new digital platforms emerging, we have created a simple infographic explaining the functions of the top social media platforms. Take a look and donut hesitate to share this post on your own newsfeed!

6 Tips to Start Marketing on Twitter

Social Media has changed the landscape for how we consume content, network, and communicate with friends and family. The current marketing scene has become a lot about social media due to its flexibility, focused targeting, and cost. At its base, social media is free to use and is an effective… Read More

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