5 Things you can do to stay happy, passionate, and productive

With school right around the corner it’s time to get back in the grind and motivated to do your very best. Here are 5 things you can start doing this year that will overall make you a better student, worker, or whatever you want to excel in. Set goals to… Read More

How to Best Market your Business on Instagram

Every social media site has specific ways to post that work best for the followers. If you are utilizing Instagram as one of your main channels, here are some tips: Show your expertise – to position yourself as an expert in the field it is good to share tips, hacks,… Read More

Photoshop can Clean all kinds of your Images

It is common to think that “retouching” implies to only using Photoshop and enhancing Lightroom images. But many of the same editing techniques improve portraits that can clean up almost any kind of image. Linked below is a video that demonstrates an example of how you can clean up an… Read More

Best Firework Photos

In honor of July 4th, here are some tips on how to take the best pictures of fireworks: Landscape Mode – Holding your phone sideways will better fill up the frame and capture the background. Less Zoom – The more you zoom, the more blurry it will be. Do not… Read More

The Secret to Better Photos on the IPhone 7

Do you want to take your photography to the next level? If you are an iPhone user, Apple has just launched a new website full of tips and tricks. The page provides information from how to shoot close ups to camera positioning. Be sure to visit the page. Below are… Read More

15 Tips Every iPhone 7 User Should Know

iCloud Breakdown – tap on the iCloud line in the new profile section at the top of Settings and you can see a helpful graph of the iCloud breakdown. Tap on the graph to get a more extensive breakdown app by app. Weather in Maps – click on the tiny… Read More

Website Tips

Having a high quality now a days has become crucial to a businesses’ success. It is important to give potential customers a good impression and confidence in your business. Here are a couple of things to look out for Is it mobile friendly? With the mobile industry on the rise,… Read More

Back to School – Stop Phone Distractions

As you come back from the holidays and get back into school or work, it’s time to start focusing again. Your phone is probably your biggest disturbance so here are 5 ways to make your phone less distracting: Turn off most notifications Use silent notifications Uninstall most of your apps Set… Read More

Online Shopping Tips

With Christmas on it’s way, the online shopping market is greater than ever. It is convenient for the consumers, it is fast, and returns are pretty easy. But what about the thieves that wait to take advantage of this? This year, as you shop it is important to take some precautions… Read More

Save Storage on your Android Device!

Android tips on reducing storage: Delete the memory hogging apps – applications that take up the most storage include graphic intensive games or photo editing apps Transfer files to OTG or microSD – the photos and videos that are taking up your storage can be transferred to a USB port… Read More

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