Old Flaws in your PC you may have never heard about

You may not believe it but recent studies have shown that security bugs don’t just originate from our most recent technologies but rather from the oldest. This issue exists in the 20-year-old Windows Print Spooler that presents the opportunity for malware to be brought on to a PC. This is… Read More

2016 RedOrum Scholarship

As the school year is coming to an end, thousands of high school students will be pursuing higher educations. With RedOrum’s goal to help companies become more informed about technology, we’ve taken this initiative to the community as well. We are pleased to offer our first Scholarship Award to help encourage further development… Read More

RedOrum at LA Hacks

This past weekend, our Marketing team member, Priscilla Tenggara, had the opportunity to join 999 other college students from all over the United States to participate in a hackathon. Read about her experience below! LA Hacks is a weekend-long event dedicated to 1,000 students interested in collaborating and building solutions… Read More

Smart Phone, Smart Watch, now… Smart Clothes

Avery Dennison and EVRYTHNG have collaborated to ‘turn on’ new trends in the clothing industry… literally. This Fortune 500 and IoT startup have collaborated for a deal to that would allow a minimum of 10 billion items of clothing and footwear products to be made with unique digital identities and data profiles connected… Read More

Squeezing Big Data in Little Space

Researchers in Southampton University in the UK have recently developed a technique using femtosecond laser pulses to write data in the 3D structure of quartz at the nanoscale. The pulses create three layers of nanostructured dots, each just five microns above the other. The changes in the structure can be read… Read More

Education Technology Trends for the 2015-2016 School Year

What types of education technology is being tested out in the classroom this school year? What types are becoming less popular? Let’s have a look. Today’s students live in a world where technology is at its peak. The amount of things you can’t do digitally is slim to nothing at… Read More

DNA for Digital Data Storage?

In our digital age, every ounce of knowledge we have is archived to digital hard drives. But with hard drives only lasting a few decades, how can we better preserve our information for centuries? Robert Grass, Ph.D. and his team of researchers turns to DNA as a possible solution. To… Read More

50 Cent Device that Detects Malaria: Foldscope

Perhaps when you were young, you folded a piece of paper and made an origami swan? What if instead of folding a swan, you could make a microscope? With the help of 3-D printing, Manu Prakash and his team at Stanford have made this possible, revolutionizing the world of microscopy…. Read More

Easier Way to Take Selfies

Take selfies using your earbuds! #TechTipTuesday Who doesn’t love a good selfie? Well RedOrum has got you covered. We have compiled a list of technology related tips to make your life easier. Follow @RedOrum on Twitter or like us on Facebook and you’ll be guaranteed a new tip every Tuesday. Image… Read More

Texting Shortcut of the Day

Most of us send text messages everyday. Why not make it easier with this texting shortcut? Don’t bother with punctuation on your smartphone. Hit the space bar twice for a period and the next letter will be automatically capitalized. #TechTipTuesday Who doesn’t love shortcuts? Well RedOrum has got you covered…. Read More

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