Eighteen Free Cloud Storage Options

The cloud is full of free storage options if you know the right places to look. Below are a few popular options: Amazon Cloud – 5 GB in S3; free unlimited photo storage for Amazon Prime customers Apple iCloud Drive – 5 GB of storage and can be upgraded for… Read More

Storage Certifications

For those of you who are looking for a new job or aiming to grow professionally, a certification could be the answer. From a hiring manager’s point of view, certifications can help trim some risk from the recruitment process. Below are some of the programs you can look into: SNIA… Read More

MacOS X Clean Cluttered Hard Drive

With a new year comes new beginnings. Take it upon yourself to clean out your cluttered devices and start out fresh. One of the handy new features in macOS Sierra is the storage manager. Now there is a built in feature that will help you find the files and application… Read More

Clean out your iPhone before the New year

Steps to cleaning out your Iphone: Identify what is taking up the most space by going into settings and then storage On a Mac or PC plug the iPhone into a computer and open iTunes to click on the phone icon and view the storage broken down  Depending upon what… Read More

Save Storage on your Android Device!

Android tips on reducing storage: Delete the memory hogging apps – applications that take up the most storage include graphic intensive games or photo editing apps Transfer files to OTG or microSD – the photos and videos that are taking up your storage can be transferred to a USB port… Read More

Data Backup – A Pinch of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Is Your 2013 Data Safe? 2014 is a new year with a lot of potential and new opportunities. You may have made plans and goals for this year to grow your business, increase profits, or take more time off. But before you get to far in to the year: have… Read More

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