Windows 10 App Access

You can access all your apps in the start menu with Windows 10 Simply click on “All apps” at the bottom left corner and you can easily view and access all the apps on your computer in alphabetical order. Sources:

Windows 10 – Get rid of the Advertisements

If you’re a Windows 10 user, get rid of the advertisements and tips that show up before you log in by following these simple steps: Open Settings in the Start menu Tap Personalization and then Lock Screen. Turn off “Get fun facts, tips, tricks, and more from Windows and Cortana… Read More

Windows 10 Start Menu

With Microsoft offering the free updates to Windows 10, many users have updated their devices to this operating system.  There have been significant changes made, which has made it a lot more convenient for users.   Let’s focus on the start button: First off, the list of apps is presented… Read More

Start Menu on Windows 10 Will have more Ads

Last year, when Microsoft announced their free Windows 10 upgrade, many users anticipated a catch. Fast forward a year later, those users were right. For those that opted out of the upgrade, they have been hounded to constantly make the change. For those that did upgrade, you’ll find ads in… Read More

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