Old Flaws in your PC you may have never heard about

You may not believe it but recent studies have shown that security bugs don’t just originate from our most recent technologies but rather from the oldest. This issue exists in the 20-year-old Windows Print Spooler that presents the opportunity for malware to be brought on to a PC. This is… Read More

The Rule of 3 for Data Backup

You’re never really sure whether or not your data is safe unless you’re backing it up multiple times. The computer backup rule-of-thumb is three – your magic number to ensure that your data will really last. Known as the Backup 3-2-1 rule, saving your data in repeatedly can safe you a… Read More

Secure Your Phone Password with this Trick!

To create a stronger password on your phone, use accented characters. #TechTipTuesday   Want more #TechTipTuesday? RedOrum has got you covered. We have compiled a list of technology related tips to make your life easier. Follow @RedOrum on Twitter or like us on Facebook and you’ll be guaranteed a new tip… Read More

Which Email Security Solution is Best For Your Business?

Deciding whether to choose an on-premise or cloud email security solution to protect your business’s email system is a big decision. RedOrum’s services will help you make the right choice! The amount of email threat reports have only grown over time which makes the importance of email security all the more… Read More

Best Internet Security Offered through RedOrum

Are you looking for assistance in choosing the best internet security for your business? Check out how RedOrum stands out from all the rest! WHO IS REDORUM? We are a professional IT Consulting and Service Provider based in San Diego. We specialize in a variety of business technology guidance and… Read More

End of Windows Server 2003, Have You Upgraded?

Support for Windows Server 2003/R2 is approaching in less than 80 days. Many organizations have not yet migrated their systems and may be unsure of the implications or effects it may have such as upgrade costs of hardware and software licenses, software incompatibilities, training, time it may take to migrate and… Read More

Anthem BlueCross Was a Victim of a Cyber Attack

If you’re a member of Anthem, you may have already received an e-mail from Joseph Swedish, President and CEO of Anthem, Inc. notifying all of their Anthem members that they have been targeted by a “very sophisticated external cyber attack”. This particular attack didn’t seem to target credit card information… Read More

Microsoft Releases Patch For Dangerous SSL Vulnerability

Perhaps the most commonly known vulnerability of the year was the Heartbleed bug which exploited SSL’s in browsers everywhere. Microsoft may have a similar issue on their hands and has released a patch through Windows Update. This update is extremely critical for anyone using Windows and should be updated as… Read More

5 Ways to Secure Your WiFi

WiFi connections are all around and at any given time in a busy city you will see a long list of connections. This list will also have the majority of the connections secure. Using an unsecure network for your home or office is dangerous to all users and can be… Read More

How Do I Know If I Am On a Secure Site?

In this day and age internet security is extremely important to users. Because there are many ways for your information to be stolen, secure websites are the only way to safely submit information online. A secure website facilitates a safe connection between a website and the web browser in order to protect… Read More

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