Best VPN Services of 2017

As the year comes to an end, let’s reasses the best VPN services of 2017. Choosing the right VPN is a crucial task that is often challenging to many people. In general, a VPN should keep you internet usage private and secure but not every service handles your data in… Read More

Are your Passwords Strong?

Keeping passwords as simple as possible so it is easy to remember may seem like the best option but it is better to be aware of the security issues with it. A list of the top 10 most common passwords was generated by Keeper Security. If any of your passwords… Read More

IoT in the Coming Years

In the past few years IoT has become one of the hottest and long lasting trends. Almost half the world’s population is online. From thermostats regulating our temperature to TV’s/speakers responding to our every need, our lives truly do revolve around technology. According t6o Gartner, the number of worldwide Internet… Read More

Storage Certifications

For those of you who are looking for a new job or aiming to grow professionally, a certification could be the answer. From a hiring manager’s point of view, certifications can help trim some risk from the recruitment process. Below are some of the programs you can look into: SNIA… Read More

10 Most Common Web Security Vulnerabilities

For all too many companies, it’s not until after a breach has occurred that web security becomes a priority. During my years working as an IT Security professional, I have seen time and time again how obscure the world of IT Security is to so many of my fellow programmers…. Read More

Expected Security Trends for the Year

With security vendors offering the newest and most advanced safeguards, malware and attacks are only becoming more powerful. What security trends can we predict for this upcoming year? Here are a few: Malware will continue to evolve – every year more and more security defenses are being offered but malware… Read More

Online Shopping Tips

With Christmas on it’s way, the online shopping market is greater than ever. It is convenient for the consumers, it is fast, and returns are pretty easy. But what about the thieves that wait to take advantage of this? This year, as you shop it is important to take some precautions… Read More

Apple’s Newest Security Updates

Attention! On Thursday, Apple released security updates for the Mac. Also available is the Safari 9.1.3 and the iOS 9.3.5 for Apple devices.  The security issues that led to this update was the exploitation of a URL. When the user opened the URL, unauthorized software was being installed. The new… Read More

Chrome’s plan for the Insecure HTTP Sites

Chrome currently does not truly reflect the lack of security for HTTP connections. Although there is a higher transition from HTTP to HTTPS sites, users seem to take their security for granted.  With hacking at an all time high, Google has set out on a mission to make Chrome one… Read More

Hackers on the Loose – Your Website may be at Risk!

We often take our website’s security for granted. However, recent reports by the cybersecurity firm Imperva suggests that we should be more cautious as illicit activities are on the rise. Hackers are taking advantage of many legitimate sites in order to further promote the ranking of their client’s websites. How… Read More

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