How Science is a Crucial Player in the Social Media Game

Social media has started to become increasingly prevalent in the lives of consumers. We live in a generation now where information is highly available right at our fingertips. Information such as current events or promotions are easily accessible. There are certain scientific concepts that businesses should be aware of when developing… Read More

Iphone or EyePhone?

Applications now a days allow you to link your smartphone to anything from your shoes to your heater but now to your contact lens? This new technology is only possible with a concept called “interscatter communication”, which works by converting Bluetooth signals into Wi-Fi signals. The engineers designed a contact… Read More

DNA for Digital Data Storage?

In our digital age, every ounce of knowledge we have is archived to digital hard drives. But with hard drives only lasting a few decades, how can we better preserve our information for centuries? Robert Grass, Ph.D. and his team of researchers turns to DNA as a possible solution. To… Read More

50 Cent Device that Detects Malaria: Foldscope

Perhaps when you were young, you folded a piece of paper and made an origami swan? What if instead of folding a swan, you could make a microscope? With the help of 3-D printing, Manu Prakash and his team at Stanford have made this possible, revolutionizing the world of microscopy…. Read More

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