Businesses Can Write Off Over $500,000 On Technology Purchases Before Dec 31st, 2014

Do you want to acquire technology to invest in your business AND receive a technology tax break from the IRS? If this sounds like you then the next twelve days is very important to your business. On December 3rd, 2014 Congress approved section 179 which allows a large technology tax… Read More

6 Ways to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

There you are, working on a huge project and the deadline is quickly approaching. You are working away and feeling better and better about the outcome when suddenly a window pops up with a message you did not want to see. The laptop battery you are using is losing power,… Read More

What is Colocation?

  Can’t satisfy your hosting options? But your budget is not enough to afford to have the Internet infrastructure to host your own web servers and have a team of IT professionals? Colocation might be a good option for your businesses! Colocation is a hosting option for small businesses who want… Read More

Savings on I.T.

Technology is one of the major expenses your company has. The costs involved aren’t just computers, phones and printers. That equipment is a minuscule part of all technology costs. Expenses include software, hardware, salary for techs, benefits for techs, costs for training and events for techs and utilities to keep… Read More

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