2016 RedOrum Scholarship Results

After reviewing many applications, we are proud to announce that Vienne Vance is the winner of our 2016 RedOrum Scholarship. Vance founded her own club called the iPad Clinic, which assists elderly people at a local retirement home with technology. She would tutor them individually and teach them anything from… Read More

2016 RedOrum Scholarship

As the school year is coming to an end, thousands of high school students will be pursuing higher educations. With RedOrum’s goal to help companies become more informed about technology, we’ve taken this initiative to the community as well. We are pleased to offer our first Scholarship Award to help encourage further development… Read More

The Importance of a Disaster Recovery Plan

With the help of RedOrum’s disaster recovery plan services, you can protect your work from any unforeseen events. Can you imagine going into work one day, turning on your computer and finding out that all of your files, data, images—everything—is gone? A similar situation happened to a professional photographer and native… Read More

It’s That Time of Year For Your PC Routine Maintenance

Busy season is coming to a close, which means your PC most likely needs its routine maintenance. There are plenty of required routine maintenance needed for your computer to ensure stability,  productivity and to avoid any forthcoming issues. Whether it be the need for updated software or a clean-up of disk… Read More

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