Free Utilities that can give you more control over your PC

Belarc Advisor Tells you in detail all about your hardware, software, patch status, security settings, networking inventory, and more Aimed at individual home users HWinfo Provides very detailed information about your hardware Provides real time tracking of things such as temperature and power usage Prime95 and MemTest86+ Prime95 uses your… Read More

Microsoft begins blocking updates for older Windows

It’s the end of the line for Windows 7 on the latest PC designs. Anyone running on an older versions received a message that they no longer have supported hardware when the security updates for Windows 7 and 8.1 came out. This issue occurs with the newer hardware equipped with… Read More

Windows 10 Removing Your Apps without Permission

Users who have recently updated their Windows 10 have noticed that some of their applications are no longer on their computers. Though some thought it was a bug, Windows 10 is removing apps it considers incompatible or outdated. An example of Windows removing apps from users’ computers was the big November… Read More

How Microsoft plans to be more Transparent

  The continuous Windows 10 updates can be somewhat of a mystery to many PC users. What exactly are in these updates and how will they change your computer? To answer these questions, Microsoft has added a Windows 10 update history site that lists key improvements added within each updates…. Read More

Windows 10 Automatic Download

With so many PC users running into malware due to outdated security patches, Microsoft has taken initiative to automatically upgrade Windows 7 or 8 users to it’s newest edition, Windows 10. Starting 2016, Windows 10 will become a “recommended update” which means users with  Windows 7 or 8 that has… Read More

Hidden Tricks in Your Calculator

Did you know your calculator can do more than basic math? Open your Calculator and select View. Calculate your mortgage payment, fuel economy, vehicle lease payment, or even convert different units. #TechTipTuesdayWho doesn’t love helpful hints? RedOrum has got you covered. We have compiled a list of technology related tips… Read More

PC Tip of the Day

To minimize every open window except yours: Shake your active window. Do the same to maximize all windows. You sneaky Microsoft. #TechTipTuesday Was this PC tip helpful? Well RedOrum has got you covered. We have compiled a list of technology related tips to make your life easier. Follow @RedOrum on… Read More

Invert Screen Color for Easier Night Reading

Whether you’re late-night browsing and your screen is too bright, or you’re sitting outside and the screen is too dark, adjusting the brightness on your tech devices can often be a struggle. To solve this problem, invert the colors of your screen to ease the contrast on yours eyes. PC: 1. Open… Read More

Infographic: 20 Shortcuts for Windows 10

PC users, have you updated to Windows 10? With so many new features integrated in the update, we have gathered 20 shortcuts for you to increase productivity. From saving time on window snapping, to cutting steps using the command key, see how you can benefit from these shortcuts. Was this… Read More

7 New Features on Windows 10

Windows 10 is finally here! Unsure whether or not to update? Maybe these features may give you a better idea on what to expect. Take a look as we’ve gathered the top 7 notable features found in the new update. Start Menu The start menu is back! Microsoft has improved… Read More

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