Windows 10 Event Recap

The Windows 10 event has concluded and a lot of questions were answered and rumors put to rest. If you were unable to watch the live feed during the event, here is a recap of what was announced. Windows 10 Free Upgrade Perhaps the most rumored announcement leading up to… Read More

Windows 10 Live Media Event

Microsoft is set to make a big announcement about the future of Windows 10 this morning at 9 am PST. If you would like to watch the press conference live click here. Check back with the RedOrum blog  for a recap of today’s event!

Windows 10 Free For All

Microsoft is set to announce details on the newest version of their flagship operating system, Windows 10, on January 21st, 2015. Industry experts are buzzing with optimism that this will be the most expansive Windows launch in the history of Microsoft. With such a big product launch you would think… Read More

4 Reasons to Look Forward to Windows 10

Early last month Microsoft released a free preview of their upcoming operating system Windows 10. Recent chatter about this release of Microsoft’s flagship product shows they are serious about once again becoming the clear leader in operating systems. Windows 10 has been overhauled to incorporate many features users have voiced… Read More

So Long Old Friend…Windows 7 Discontinued

Say goodbye to Windows 7. Microsoft discontinued selling consumer versions of Windows 7 Home, Basic, Premium, and Ultimate as of late last week. Once the current supply of Windows 7 copies run out you will no longer be able to purchase a computer with that version of the operating system…. Read More

End of Windows XP, Have You Upgraded?

Microsoft will stop updating Windows XP. If you’ve upgraded your systems then you’re on track!  If you haven’t had time like many out there, you’re not alone.  We can help, just contact us today.  If upgrading your system is completely out of the question at the moment, here are 8… Read More

Windows XP End of Life

Windows® XP grasps for air as it reaches its end.   Microsoft has announced that it will end active support and give Windows XP its “end of life” (EOL) on April 8th 2014.  A truly compliance and risk nightmare for businesses and organizations.   What does this mean for you?… Read More

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