Hidden Tricks in Your Calculator

Did you know your calculator can do more than basic math? Open your Calculator and select View. Calculate your mortgage payment, fuel economy, vehicle lease payment, or even convert different units. #TechTipTuesdayWho doesn’t love helpful hints? RedOrum has got you covered. We have compiled a list of technology related tips… Read More

New Microsoft Products Unveiled

New Microsoft products have been released this week and they are changing the technology game! After much anticipation, Microsoft unveiled their new high-tech products which are undoubtedly both useful and unique. Image: Microsoft Surface Book  WINDOWS 10 SOFTWARE UPGRADE The latest Windows update is now available and it’s free. There… Read More

Typing Shortcut: Changing ALL CAPS

Increase productivity with helpful everyday hints! Here is a must-know typing shortcut. Changing your text to ALL caps? highlight text and hold shift – f3 to capitalize the first letter of every word and f3 again for ALL caps. #TechTipTuesday Who doesn’t love shortcuts? Well RedOrum has got you covered…. Read More

PC Tip of the Day

To minimize every open window except yours: Shake your active window. Do the same to maximize all windows. You sneaky Microsoft. #TechTipTuesday Was this PC tip helpful? Well RedOrum has got you covered. We have compiled a list of technology related tips to make your life easier. Follow @RedOrum on… Read More

Infographic: 20 Shortcuts for Windows 10

PC users, have you updated to Windows 10? With so many new features integrated in the update, we have gathered 20 shortcuts for you to increase productivity. From saving time on window snapping, to cutting steps using the command key, see how you can benefit from these shortcuts. Was this… Read More

7 New Features on Windows 10

Windows 10 is finally here! Unsure whether or not to update? Maybe these features may give you a better idea on what to expect. Take a look as we’ve gathered the top 7 notable features found in the new update. Start Menu The start menu is back! Microsoft has improved… Read More

End of Windows Server 2003, Have You Upgraded?

Support for Windows Server 2003/R2 is approaching in less than 80 days. Many organizations have not yet migrated their systems and may be unsure of the implications or effects it may have such as upgrade costs of hardware and software licenses, software incompatibilities, training, time it may take to migrate and… Read More

Windows 10 Event Recap

The Windows 10 event has concluded and a lot of questions were answered and rumors put to rest. If you were unable to watch the live feed during the event, here is a recap of what was announced. Windows 10 Free Upgrade Perhaps the most rumored announcement leading up to… Read More

Leaked Screenshots Show Microsoft’s Prototype Browser Spartan

Microsoft’s anticipated Windows 10 event is creeping closer and while many people have a good idea of what Microsoft plans to announce, the eagerness for the event is at an all-time high. As this event draws nearer more leaks and news about the features of Windows 10 are being released…. Read More

Huffington Post Attacked by Hackers

If you have visited Huffington Post’s website in the last week you may want to scan your computer, if you can even use it. Cyber security firm Cyphort announced they found a cyber-attack and extortion campaign being run through the popular news website. This attack, which spanned from December 31st… Read More

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