How to Minimize All Your Windows in less than 3 Seconds

Want to minimize all windows? Simply press Windows + D to minimize everything you have.     Who doesn’t love helpful hints? RedOrum has got you covered. We have compiled a list of technology related tips to make your life easier. Follow @RedOrum on Twitter or like us on Facebook and… Read More

Windows 10 Automatic Download

With so many PC users running into malware due to outdated security patches, Microsoft has taken initiative to automatically upgrade Windows 7 or 8 users to it’s newest edition, Windows 10. Starting 2016, Windows 10 will become a “recommended update” which means users with  Windows 7 or 8 that has… Read More

Windows 10 Event Recap

The Windows 10 event has concluded and a lot of questions were answered and rumors put to rest. If you were unable to watch the live feed during the event, here is a recap of what was announced. Windows 10 Free Upgrade Perhaps the most rumored announcement leading up to… Read More

Windows 10 Live Media Event

Microsoft is set to make a big announcement about the future of Windows 10 this morning at 9 am PST. If you would like to watch the press conference live click here. Check back with the RedOrum blog  for a recap of today’s event!

Leaked Screenshots Show Microsoft’s Prototype Browser Spartan

Microsoft’s anticipated Windows 10 event is creeping closer and while many people have a good idea of what Microsoft plans to announce, the eagerness for the event is at an all-time high. As this event draws nearer more leaks and news about the features of Windows 10 are being released…. Read More

Huffington Post Attacked by Hackers

If you have visited Huffington Post’s website in the last week you may want to scan your computer, if you can even use it. Cyber security firm Cyphort announced they found a cyber-attack and extortion campaign being run through the popular news website. This attack, which spanned from December 31st… Read More

Important Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to Increase Efficiency

Nothing is worse than having to take the long route when using your computer, especially when you are in the groove. Instead of limiting yourself to using your mouse to navigate, becoming familiar with keyboards shortcuts can help you save time and make your workflow much more bearable when switching… Read More

Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Event In January

Microsoft has announced a substantial Windows 10 event taking place on their Redmond, Washington campus January 21st, 2015. Press invitations have been sent out and many believe this will be the announcement of the release date for their next operating system, Windows 10. Microsoft is describing this event as the… Read More

What is SHA-2 and how does it affect me?

First, let’s understand what SHA-1 does. Both SHA-1 and its successor, SHA-2, are specific types of signing algorithms. Signing algorithms are used as part of the identity validation role that SSL certificates perform. They are mathematical functions (referred to as a “hash”) which, when performed, should calculate a persistent and… Read More

Transitioning from SHA-1 to SHA-2

The transition from SHA-1 to SHA-2 (Secure Hash Algorithm) is coming soon. On November 7th, 2014, Google Chrome will stop displaying the security indicators such as the green padlock and/or green address bar for any certificates using the now outdated SHA-1 algorithm. Luckily, there is a FREE and easy way… Read More

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