Malware disguised as Adobe Flash Installer

Malware for the Mac is on the rise and recently, the Adobe Flash player has been disguised as a possible attack. How exactly does this work? An older Windows malware trojan wormed its way the macOS ecosystem, complete with a signed Apple developer certificate. Once permission is granted, it hides… Read More

Ransomware Big on Customer Service

After Security Researcher Brad Antoniewicz asked whether those who take computer’s hostage actually decrypt files, he was told that they are in it to make money He decided to research the topic of ransomware further and found that it all starts with the simplest things and then leads to more… Read More

Apache Struts 2 exploit

A patched vulnerability is being exploited by attackers who are using Apache Struts web development framework to install ransomware on servers. The flaw, located in Jakarta, allows attackers to execute system commands with the user running the web server process. Although the vulnerability was patched recently, attackers started to exploit… Read More

Expected Security Trends for the Year

With security vendors offering the newest and most advanced safeguards, malware and attacks are only becoming more powerful. What security trends can we predict for this upcoming year? Here are a few: Malware will continue to evolve – every year more and more security defenses are being offered but malware… Read More

Infected Android Devices

Attention! The Security Firm Check Point Software has identified malware that has affected more than a million Android devices. Check Point Software has found a security breach called Googlian which gains access to authentication information from Google services. This malware infects phones by hiding behind free applications that appear safe… Read More

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