SpamTitan Cloud Setup with CPANEL and SMTP Authentication Bypass

Setting up your MX through SpamTitan’s cloud or appliance is rather simple. Configure cPanel (Domain) to route emails from Spam Proxy – SpamTitan 1. On WHM /cPanel, under the DNS section, change the MX record to point to the name or IP of the SpamTitan appliance or Cloud. 2. Make… Read More

USPS Reduces Stamp Prices

As of April 10, the United States Postal Service is required to reduce certain prices of it’s stamps. A standard First-Class stamp now costs $0.47. This price drop is the first in 100 years and will account for a net loss of approximately 2 billion dollars. There isn’t a huge difference, but… Read More

Gmail Users, Check out this new way to block spammers

Gmail Users, Check out this new way to block spammers: Google recently launched a new update to Gmail on the web and Android making it easier for users to block spam emails and unsubscribe from irritating senders. With only two clicks, simply tap “Options” and select “Block” and you’ll never… Read More

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