Google Maps Updated Feature

Google Maps now has a new feature where you can make a list of places you are thinking of visiting. If you are planning a trip you can look up all the places you want to go and save or share them with friends via social text or Facebook. Update… Read More

6 Tips to Start Marketing on Twitter

Social Media has changed the landscape for how we consume content, network, and communicate with friends and family. The current marketing scene has become a lot about social media due to its flexibility, focused targeting, and cost. At its base, social media is free to use and is an effective… Read More

4 Reasons to Look Forward to Windows 10

Early last month Microsoft released a free preview of their upcoming operating system Windows 10. Recent chatter about this release of Microsoft’s flagship product shows they are serious about once again becoming the clear leader in operating systems. Windows 10 has been overhauled to incorporate many features users have voiced… Read More

7 Social Media Analytics Tools You Should Try

Whether you are new to social media marketing or not, one aspect you need to be familiar with from the start is analytics. Analytics will help you dial in your social media strategy by learning key factors about how your audience behaves. There are many great analytic platforms out there… Read More

6 Ways to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

There you are, working on a huge project and the deadline is quickly approaching. You are working away and feeling better and better about the outcome when suddenly a window pops up with a message you did not want to see. The laptop battery you are using is losing power,… Read More

5 Ways to Secure Your WiFi

WiFi connections are all around and at any given time in a busy city you will see a long list of connections. This list will also have the majority of the connections secure. Using an unsecure network for your home or office is dangerous to all users and can be… Read More

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