Why Force Quitting your Apps May not Help

Unlike the common conception, apps in the background are actually frozen, freeing up the RAM they are using. iOS is so good at this, that unfreezing an app actually takes up less CPU then relaunching the app that had been force quit. Your battery life will actually end up being… Read More

Help those affected by Harvey

If you are an owner of an Apple device and want to help out those affected by Harvey, Apple has made it very easy. They have added a button so money can go directly to the American Red Cross. The company is collecting donations in $5, $10, $25, $50, $100,… Read More

iOS Color Filters

Looking at a screen constantly can put a lot of stress on your eyes, especially if you are color blind. Use the iOS color filters and this can easily be fixed! Simply go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display > Accommodations > Color Filters. You can choose grayscale… Read More

A Guide to CloudKit: How to Sync User Data Across iOS Devices

  (Reposted: Written by Paul Young – Freelance Software Engineer @ Toptal) These days, modern mobile application development requires a well thought-out plan for keeping user data in sync across various devices. This is a thorny problem with many gotchas and pitfalls, but users expect the feature, and expect it… Read More

Fighting Calendar Spam

Many users have notices a recent influx of spam on the iOS calendar application. Here is how to get rid of it: Open the Calendar application Tap the Calendars button at the bottom of the screen and then tap edit Select “Add Calendars” Give the new Calendar the name of… Read More

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