The Future of 5G

Many companies are waiting for 5G’s inevitable arrival yet they are still planning on how to prepare for it. While a market where 5G is ubiquitous will see many changes, few will actually be revolutionized besides the telecom industry. In the past few years consumers have flocked to digital devices… Read More

IoT in the Coming Years

In the past few years IoT has become one of the hottest and long lasting trends. Almost half the world’s population is online. From thermostats regulating our temperature to TV’s/speakers responding to our every need, our lives truly do revolve around technology. According t6o Gartner, the number of worldwide Internet… Read More

DNA for Digital Data Storage?

In our digital age, every ounce of knowledge we have is archived to digital hard drives. But with hard drives only lasting a few decades, how can we better preserve our information for centuries? Robert Grass, Ph.D. and his team of researchers turns to DNA as a possible solution. To… Read More

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