Windows 10 Beta Program

A couple of weeks ago Windows 10 released their newest beta program. The program will let business users sign up for beta updates with their Azure Active Directory credentials. This new feature aims to provide IT professionals a way to give Microsoft business specific feedback on Windows 10 features, allowing… Read More

Windows 10 Creators Update Removes 11 Significant Features

Microsoft is planning on distributing its free Windows 10 Creators update today and before you decide to update, be aware of the features that are being removed: Flash autorun in Edge – Flash will be turned off by default just like Chrome. However, it can be re enabled manually. Interactive… Read More

7 New Features on Windows 10

Windows 10 is finally here! Unsure whether or not to update? Maybe these features may give you a better idea on what to expect. Take a look as we’ve gathered the top 7 notable features found in the new update. Start Menu The start menu is back! Microsoft has improved… Read More

4 Reasons to Look Forward to Windows 10

Early last month Microsoft released a free preview of their upcoming operating system Windows 10. Recent chatter about this release of Microsoft’s flagship product shows they are serious about once again becoming the clear leader in operating systems. Windows 10 has been overhauled to incorporate many features users have voiced… Read More

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