How to get Cortana’s Attention

Here’s a popular question that many people ask: “How do I make the Cortana software on Windows 10 ignore everyone else but only respond to my voice?” The answer is almost intuitive. For Cortana to to filter out one voice, they software has to get to know that voice. To start… Read More

Cortana’s New feature Dictate

Dictate is offering a new way to type using voice in Office programs including Outlook, Word, and Powerpoint. Dictate is powered by the same speech recognition technology that Cortana uses and same speech recognition used in Microsoft Cognitive Services. The idea for Dictate emerged from a hackathon project and was… Read More

How “M”, the Facebook Digital Assistant, may attract Businesses

Today, Facebook released its first digital assistant, nicknamed “M”, to several Silicon Valley testers.  Competing with other personal assistant engines like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana, “M” can schedule appointments, purchase items, deliver gifts to loved ones, and more. The software is integrated in Facebook’s Messenger app, allowing users to… Read More

7 New Features on Windows 10

Windows 10 is finally here! Unsure whether or not to update? Maybe these features may give you a better idea on what to expect. Take a look as we’ve gathered the top 7 notable features found in the new update. Start Menu The start menu is back! Microsoft has improved… Read More

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