7 Helpful Back-to-School Apps

Summer is almost over and it’s time to prepare for the school year. From an app that helps you study on-the-go, to an app that will save you money, we’ve collected a diverse list of helpful apps that will get you back-to-school ready! Sleep Cycle: Early mornings are no fun…. Read More

2016 RedOrum Scholarship

As the school year is coming to an end, thousands of high school students will be pursuing higher educations. With RedOrum’s goal to help companies become more informed about technology, we’ve taken this initiative to the community as well. We are pleased to offer our first Scholarship Award to help encourage further development… Read More

A College Hack I Wish I knew

College life is hard enough, so why not make your life easier with this college hack? If your roommate’s alarm is going off, try calling their phone. This will disable the alarm and you won’t even have to get out of bed. #TechTipTuesday Who doesn’t love helpful hints? Well RedOrum has… Read More

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