Eighteen Free Cloud Storage Options

The cloud is full of free storage options if you know the right places to look. Below are a few popular options: Amazon Cloud – 5 GB in S3; free unlimited photo storage for Amazon Prime customers Apple iCloud Drive – 5 GB of storage and can be upgraded for… Read More

Google Cloud Source Repositories vs. Bitbucket vs. GitHub: A Worthy Alternative?

Without much fanfare, Google introduced a new version control platform, hosted on its vast cloud. If this sounds somewhat familiar, you may be thinking of Google Code, which is now defunct. The big difference is that Google’s new Cloud Source Repositories is a git platform, which means it is a… Read More

The Rule of 3 for Data Backup

You’re never really sure whether or not your data is safe unless you’re backing it up multiple times. The computer backup rule-of-thumb is three – your magic number to ensure that your data will really last. Known as the Backup 3-2-1 rule, saving your data in repeatedly can safe you a… Read More

Smart Phone, Smart Watch, now… Smart Clothes

Avery Dennison and EVRYTHNG have collaborated to ‘turn on’ new trends in the clothing industry… literally. This Fortune 500 and IoT startup have collaborated for a deal to that would allow a minimum of 10 billion items of clothing and footwear products to be made with unique digital identities and data profiles connected… Read More

Which Email Security Solution is Best For Your Business?

Deciding whether to choose an on-premise or cloud email security solution to protect your business’s email system is a big decision. RedOrum’s services will help you make the right choice! The amount of email threat reports have only grown over time which makes the importance of email security all the more… Read More

Server Virtualization and Consolidation

Have you noticed that every year technology gets faster, more compact and less expensive?   Think about the age when people started to adapt to digital devices. Once upon a time we had to carry a MP3 player, cell phone, digital camera, an electronic navigation gizmo and other digital devices. But… Read More

Savings on I.T.

Technology is one of the major expenses your company has. The costs involved aren’t just computers, phones and printers. That equipment is a minuscule part of all technology costs. Expenses include software, hardware, salary for techs, benefits for techs, costs for training and events for techs and utilities to keep… Read More

RedOrum introduces ArchCloud™ Online Backup Service

San Diego, CA – November 19, 2009 – RedOrum ( introduces ArchCloud™ Online Backup ( as an online backup cloud service. This service provides an easy way for people to backup and safeguard their data without any restrictions like file types and or file size limitations like many other various… Read More

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