Stop your Computer from Slowing Down

No matter what computer you have, as time passes it will start to slow down. Here are a couple of things you can do to prevent this: Keep programs and extensions to a minimum – The more the operating system has to deal with, the more resources that are used… Read More

Clean out your iPhone before the New year

Steps to cleaning out your Iphone: Identify what is taking up the most space by going into settings and then storage On a Mac or PC plug the iPhone into a computer and open iTunes to click on the phone icon and view the storage broken down  Depending upon what… Read More

9 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Computer

‌1.  Make sure your firewall is working Windows comes with one built in. Leave it active. It’s under Control Panel>Administrative Tools. Sometimes, they seem to turn off by themselves so check to be sure it is active.   ‌2.  Keep your antivirus software active If you’re paranoid, run an antivirus… Read More

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