Power Saving Chrome Tips

For all the Chrome users out there, I’m sure you all know that Chrome is known for taking up a lot of battery power. Here are some tips on how to save your battery: Update your Chrome Suspend the extra tabs Remove unnecessary extensions Stop Chrome running in the background… Read More

Ransomware Big on Customer Service

After Security Researcher Brad Antoniewicz asked whether those who take computer’s hostage actually decrypt files, he was told that they are in it to make money He decided to research the topic of ransomware further and found that it all starts with the simplest things and then leads to more… Read More

Chrome’s plan for the Insecure HTTP Sites

Chrome currently does not truly reflect the lack of security for HTTP connections. Although there is a higher transition from HTTP to HTTPS sites, users seem to take their security for granted.  With hacking at an all time high, Google has set out on a mission to make Chrome one… Read More

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