The Future of 5G

Many companies are waiting for 5G’s inevitable arrival yet they are still planning on how to prepare for it. While a market where 5G is ubiquitous will see many changes, few will actually be revolutionized besides the telecom industry. In the past few years consumers have flocked to digital devices… Read More

How to Best Market your Business on Instagram

Every social media site has specific ways to post that work best for the followers. If you are utilizing Instagram as one of your main channels, here are some tips: Show your expertise – to position yourself as an expert in the field it is good to share tips, hacks,… Read More

Website Tips

Having a high quality now a days has become crucial to a businesses’ success. It is important to give potential customers a good impression and confidence in your business. Here are a couple of things to look out for Is it mobile friendly? With the mobile industry on the rise,… Read More

How “M”, the Facebook Digital Assistant, may attract Businesses

Today, Facebook released its first digital assistant, nicknamed “M”, to several Silicon Valley testers.  Competing with other personal assistant engines like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana, “M” can schedule appointments, purchase items, deliver gifts to loved ones, and more. The software is integrated in Facebook’s Messenger app, allowing users to… Read More

RedOrum Launches

San Diego, CA – January 01, 2009 – RedOrum ( announces its starting of business to the public. DOT45 LLC and InteraLink LLC joined businesses to bring a full line of services to customers in IT Consulting, Management Services, Web hosting and related services for 2009. Existing customers will notice… Read More

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