Windows 10 Beta Program

A couple of weeks ago Windows 10 released their newest beta program. The program will let business users sign up for beta updates with their Azure Active Directory credentials. This new feature aims to provide IT professionals a way to give Microsoft business specific feedback on Windows 10 features, allowing… Read More

Android Bugs

Android has taken a downfall this week as two vulnerabilities were disclosed and malicious apps were downloaded. Updates have been released but many Android devices are still not eligible for the update, giving attackers more time to exploit devices. These are the bugs that were disclosed: CVE 2016-3861 – allows… Read More

Hackers on the Loose – Your Website may be at Risk!

We often take our website’s security for granted. However, recent reports by the cybersecurity firm Imperva suggests that we should be more cautious as illicit activities are on the rise. Hackers are taking advantage of many legitimate sites in order to further promote the ranking of their client’s websites. How… Read More

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