Battery Saving Techniques for the Android

Usually our phones can last about a day without dying but just by making a couple of tweaks, you can extend your Android’s battery life. Taking an inventory – it is good to look in settings once and awhile and see which applications are using the most battery and avoid… Read More

Top 10 Christmas Applications

Top 10 Christmas Applications  With Christmas on the way, everyone is struggling to last minute get presents. Here are a couple of applications that can make shopping much easier:  Santa’s Bag – helps organize all of your Christmas shopping with tools for budgeting and allocating gifts Shpock – allows buyers… Read More

Top Free Alternatives

If you’re paying for premium software, chance are there is a free alternative out there you could use instead, with features just as good as the ones you have been accustomed to. Whether you fancy a change from you usual application of choice, Using premium software? Chances are that there… Read More

Start Menu on Windows 10 Will have more Ads

Last year, when Microsoft announced their free Windows 10 upgrade, many users anticipated a catch. Fast forward a year later, those users were right. For those that opted out of the upgrade, they have been hounded to constantly make the change. For those that did upgrade, you’ll find ads in… Read More

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