Android Screen Pinning

If you give your phone to someone and you don’t want them to be snooping around you can pin your screen to the app you are currently on so they cannot go to another app. Simply head to the security menu in settings and enable the feature. Sources:

Use your Android by Voice Alone

“Ok Google” detection may be more useful then you think. Use it to do nearly anything on your Android phone. To enable the feature simply follow these steps: Open the latest version of the Google app Tap Menu > Settings > Voice > Ok Google Detection Make sure “From Google… Read More

The New Moto G5S Plus

With all the craziness in the iOS world as the new iPhones come out, let’s take a look into the Android world. For all you Android lovers out there, September 29th is the date to save. Moto 5G and G5 Plus have been known to be some of the best… Read More

Convert File to PDF on Phone

Android and iOS devices have PDF converters that you may not even know about. In the most simple case, for an Android device you should be able to create a PDF from an open email message or web page by tapping the three dot More menu in the upper right… Read More

7 Helpful Back-to-School Apps

Summer is almost over and it’s time to prepare for the school year. From an app that helps you study on-the-go, to an app that will save you money, we’ve collected a diverse list of helpful apps that will get you back-to-school ready! Sleep Cycle: Early mornings are no fun…. Read More

Android Photo Backup

It’s the worse feeling to break or drop your phone only to find out that your photos were not backed up and now there is no way of retrieving them. If you have Google photos downloaded, be sure to enable the automatic backup setting so photos will be backed up… Read More

Merge contacts from Android

Want to better organize your contacts and get rid of duplicates or merge some of them into one contact? It’s simple! Go to your contacts and tap the menu button. Then follow these steps: Manage Contacts > Select Merge. A screen with repeated contacts will appear and you can confirm… Read More

First Android malware with code injection arrived

The Dvmap trojan has been hidden in many Google Play for months and was installed over 50,000 times. After seeking root access and dropping its payload, the malware covers its tracks. Interestingly, Dvamp also works on 64-bit version of Android. The origin of the trojan came when the creators would… Read More

Battery Saving Techniques for the Android

Usually our phones can last about a day without dying but just by making a couple of tweaks, you can extend your Android’s battery life. Taking an inventory – it is good to look in settings once and awhile and see which applications are using the most battery and avoid… Read More

Google Rebrands Messenger as Android Messages

Have you recently noticed anything different about your Google messenger app? It’s now called Android Messages. Android has finally created a default universal messaging app on Android instead of users switching between WhatsApp, Allo, or Hangouts. Google has always wanted to create a standard messaging app and they are hoping… Read More

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