Personalize Alexa’s News

The news can often be very broad and when you ask Alexa what the news is she will deliver headlines from all different kinds of sources. However, you can now customize the channels that you receive headlines from. Simply follow these steps: Settings Flash Briefing Search for a feed you… Read More

Alexa enables free calling

Alexa announces its newest feature: Alexa calling. That’s right. Alexa now has free voice calling and messaging services that you can use through all Echo devices as well as the Alexa app users. Users of the latest Echo will get many additional features as well. One of them is the… Read More

Amazon Echo’s competitor

The first stand alone hardware dedicated to Microsoft’s AI has now been released and it nearly looks like a clone of the Amazon Echo. Like the Echo, these speakers provide the 360-degree sound effect. Cortana is the star here. The voice assistant will be backed by seven microphone array, along… Read More

Alexa Commands

Alexa can do so many things it is often hard to keep up. Here is a list of major commands for Alexa that you may want to start using if you haven’t already. Summoning Alexa In order to queue a command all you have to say first is Alexa Basic… Read More

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