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SpamTitan Cloud Setup with CPANEL and SMTP Authentication Bypass

Setting up your MX through SpamTitan’s cloud or appliance is rather simple.

Configure cPanel (Domain) to route emails from Spam Proxy – SpamTitan

1. On WHM /cPanel, under the DNS section, change the MX record to point to the name or IP of the SpamTitan appliance or Cloud.
2. Make sure to select under Email Routing, you have the following choices, make sure to select Local Mail Exchanger.

Email Routing for (The domain is owned by [domain].)
Automatically Detect Configuration: Local (recommended)
Local Mail Exchanger
Backup Mail Exchanger
Remote Mail Exchanger

It will make Exim consider the incoming emails to the domains as local and it will allow your scripts to send emails without sender verification failed errors.

To configure SpamTitan

1. Log in as Admin and Go to System Setup tab -> Mail Relay
2. Under the Relay Settings, choose DOMAINS
3. Click Add
4. Enter in the domain name
5. Enter in the IP or the FQDN to the mail server (not Spamtitan)
6. Leave port 25, or if must change, use 587
7. Recipient Verification, can leave as no or use Dynamic
8. RBL Checks: Yes
9. Save

You’re done. Congrats, you’ve setup your spam proxy with SpamTitan and cPanel.

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