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Unfortunately software problems come at the worst times. When issues arise unexpectedly, there’s usually no one around to help. With our remote services, you don’t even have to get up. Contact us and we can log on remotely, and help you with your software issue like: remove a virus or install software.

Magic smoke

Ever hear the saying, “Don’t let the smoke out?” Downtime causes stress, panic, and all sorts of worries if you’re on a deadline or project. Our remote monitoring and service plans will help keep the magic smoke in, to keep your system running. Let us help you transition before it is too late and if you experience a problem with your computer system or server; no matter where you are, we can assist you.


RedOrum can assist you with your computer issues in several ways. We can help you either by phone, email, chat or web interaction. If our remote support staff is capable of solving your issues right then and online, they will do so. If not, we will be able to dispatch someone onsite if you’re within the territories of our consultants.


When problems arise and the turnaround time to fix it, is too long, it will reflect on your business or your plans. Fixing any issues with speed and precision will help you get yourself back on track, which is always our main goal.

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