IT ManagementProfessional IT management is about streamlining efficiency and making smart choices. RedOrum provides information technology (IT) consulting and managed services to assist your organization to better adapt to fast changing technologies while helping you strategically realign your IT goals with your business. We can improve your company’s network performance and help with optimizing your business. Understanding and bringing together changing, uncertain corporate requirements with evolving technologies is our specialty!

By analyzing your current technology, infrastructure, and processes, we can identify network and business problems that are holding back your company’s full potential. We have a proven methodology that have helped numerous companies be their best.

Putting things in Order

Business Optimization

Our strength is in optimizing processes to help alleviate management struggles while reducing costs. We may be of assistance through optimizing and understanding your management structures such as data and compliance governance, vendor negotiations for cost reduction, and providing ideas for improving processes through your company’s greatest asset, its people.


Most if not all, companies depend on technology in some way or form. Without reliable technology such as computers, mobile devices, telephone, and email, it would be hard for a company to expand or do business. A business relationship with RedOrum is more than just support, we solve technical and business problems.


Does your IT department need improvement? Too much work, not enough people? Is your IT department unorganized and in need of direction? If you answer yes to any of the above questions, RedOrum’s management services can evaluate and effectively help organize and align business objects with current IT tasks and projects.

Back on track

Is your project running out of control or plainly, you just don’t understand why? Need expert advice? Often times we are called onto projects to resolve issues and help put projects back on its tracks and recover from running over budget.

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