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Server Virtualization and Consolidation

Have you noticed that every year technology gets faster, more compact and less expensive?


Server Consolidation

Think about the age when people started to adapt to digital devices. Once upon a time we had to carry a MP3 player, cell phone, digital camera, an electronic navigation gizmo and other digital devices. But nowadays lugging all those instruments of technology around with us as we go about our daily lives is totally unnecessary.  Instead, we have a small device called a “smartphone” that utilizes every function of each device listed above so comfortably.  Smartphones are a shining example of consolidation, which not only save you space, but are also more energy efficient and convenient by using just one tool for almost everything we need on a daily basis.

Server consolidation service is somewhat similar to the smartphone example. Instead of having multiple servers, RedOrum can evaluate, assess and reduce the total number of servers for more efficient usage of resources for your business. Server consolidation can also help save your business by reducing physical space required, decreasing heat and cooling, and enable better utilization of all your servers.

However, people who are trying to step into a smartphone world often become confused by the complex functions of the device.  Similarly, server consolidation may present complex configurations that may be perplexing for the average user. Server Virtualization may be used to manage and consolidate the server resources while optimizing resource sharing.

Server virtualization involves running multiple servers on a single machine, while at the same time allowing multiple servers to share resources and utilizing the powerful machine more effectively, which can decrease monthly costs and save you money in capital investments.

The first step you will need to take in Server Consolidation and Virtualization is to have an evaluation. RedOrum is offering you an absolutely no-commitment review of your current existing technology. Next, RedOrum will present you with solutions to help you make the right business choices regarding costs and benefits.

Contact us today to get started and learn more about how Server Consolidation and Virtualization can benefit your company’s unique situation!

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