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Is Apple deleting you Apps? Fix this now!

Apple recently announced its intention to clean up the App store by removing apps that may fail to meet the standards they are looking for. If you have received a notification that one of your apps is at risk, there is a way to fix this!

Most of the apps that are at risk are those that are incompatible since repeated iOS changes left them behind. Therefore, it is important to routinely update your device because the functionality of apps gets updated as well which will allow it to run smoothly and allow you to keep up with current trends.

Fixing bugs are a big part of the update but the real improvements come through added functionality:

  1. Do ad hoc testing – first open your app on the most recent device with the latest OS and put it through its paces. The more testing performed, the more you will begin to see patterns of which features are most prone to errors.
  2. Dig deeper using Xcode – once the app is opened in Apple’s Xcode, more specific error logs can be identified. This method lets you go deeper than testing and figure out root issues. Xcode even categorizes and groups crash reports so you can further analyze the issue.
  3. Check out the competition – it is also important to assess the competitors around you and evaluate how they keep apps relevant. This can often spark new ideas and give you a competitive edge.

To conclude, don’t let a perfectly good app fail because of a few OS updates. Look at it as an opportunity to revitalize your approach.


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