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iPhone X Face ID

iPhone 8? Old news.

The iPhone X went on sale globally on Friday. Long lines and crowds were at the Apple store patiently waiting to get the best iPhone out there.

Everyone is so excited about the new features especially the Face ID but some people have been complaining about it. Noting that sometimes siblings have similar faces, people have been complaining that their siblings could sometimes open their iPhone X using Face ID.

Here’s why. When your sibling unsuccessfully unlocks your phone and then enters your password as a substitute, you are accidentally training Face ID on the sibling’s face. Therefore, if that same person tries to unlock your phone  using their face, it is possible the phone will unlock. This is simply a characteristic of machine learning.

As stated in the support document: “Face ID will also update this data when it detects a close match but a passcode is subsequently entered to unlock the device.”

Although potential errors may occur, this is only part of the process so Face ID can learn your face better.

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