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Website Project Acceptance Form

Submission of this form indicates that I am an authorized person to sign and make approval regarding this website project.

I also approve the following:

  • This website project is ready to be delivered to me. It is ready to deployed onto my server. It is ready for production launch.

  • I am satisfied with my project as it is presented to me on the development site. Any questions or concerns about my project as presented on the development site has been sufficiently addressed by my RedOrum LLC's  representative.

  • Any and all corrections or changes I have requested has been addressed to my satisfaction.

  • All changes that have been made outside of the original project scope has been discussed with me, and I have been invoiced any additional amounts owed to RedOrum LLC. I agree to pay any and all outstanding invoices owed to RedOrum LLC.

  • I am responsible for providing a qualified technical support provider or person to address any issues during launch that are not within the scope of my original agreement/contract pertaining to this project, or are outside of the expertise of the RedOrum LLC staff.

  • If technical support is requested of RedOrum LLC to get my project working with my hosting provider or on my web server, I understand RedOrum LLC will invoice me for their time at their then current standard hourly rate.

  • I understand, after this form has been submitted, any future requests will be considered maintenance requests or additional work and will be billed at their then current standard hourly rate.

  • I am responsible for promptly communicating with RedOrum LLC during the launch process. RedOrum LLC is not responsible for any launch delays due to my delayed communication or my vendors or my affiliates.

  • I am aware, I am responsible for security and updates of my website and RedOrum LLC is not responsible or will be liable for any security breaches or vulnerabilities.

Meeting all of the above requirements, and barring any extreme circumstances, RedOrum LLC will have my site deployed and operational per agreement as scheduled with me or within 7 business days provided accurate information was provided to RedOrum LLC and that there were no issues with my current hosting provider, delays in communication, or the website having incompatibility issues with my environment where my project is being deployed.

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