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“Dislike” Button Out, Reaction Emojis In

Facebook is testing out 6 new reaction emojis instead of using the “dislike” button

If you were looking forward to the new “dislike” button on Facebook, then we have bad news. There are plenty of articles, comments, posts, etc. that people share on Facebook that deserve to be “disliked,” but the idea could also raise a lot of issues.

Instead of such button, Facebook is testing out 6 new reaction emojis, which include “love, haha, yay wow, sad and angry:”


How it works is you click on the “like” button, the new 6 emojis pop up and you have the option to choose the original “like” button or one of the reaction emojis that best fits how you feel about the post.

At the time, the new Facebook feature is only available in Spain and Ireland, but even though they are released in those countries, the emojis will continue to be tested for any needed tweaks based on how people use them.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook page owners and publishers will have an advanced data collection. With the emojis, they will be able to “now get more granular data about how people are emotionally responding to content on the social network, which should also help Facebook in its bigger play for selling advertising and simply getting more relevant content to users.”

Will these new reaction emojis become the next best Facebook feature? Only time will tell. In the meantime, tell us your thoughts on our Facebook or Twitter page!


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