Data Center Maintenance Window – (2/27/2018 & 3/6/2018)

Dear Valued Client,

We’re writing to inform you that maintenance will be performed at the Lightwave Data Center beginning on Tuesday, February 27, 2018.

Type of Maintenance: Network

Location: Lightwave Data Center, 9305 Lightwave Ave, San Diego, CA

Purpose: Traffic Engineering will be performed to optimize traffic patterns across the network.

High Level summary: Beginning on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at 10:00 PM PST the LWDC Netops team will be performing configuration changes to the route-policies, global bgp configurations, and bgp neighbor statements on the AIS border routers. This maintenance will be conducted over the course of two days, the first being 2/27/18 and the second being 3/06/18. The configuration changes will first be tested on the bgp routers of one data center and if changes are successful then the configurations will be rolled out to the remaining border routers.

Day 1: 2/27/2018
Window Start: 10:00 PM PST
Window End: 11:59 PM PST

Day 2: 3/06/2018
Window Start: 10:00 PM PST
Window End: 11:59 PM PST

Service Impact: This maintenance is not expected to be service impacting.

Schedule: The work will be done over the course of two days (day 1 – 2/27/2018) and (day 2 – 3/6/2018). Should additional time be required, notice will be provided and the maintenance window will be extended.

Testing & Planning: All testing and planning being conducted during this window is part of a pre-defined checklist consistent with IEEE and UL standards.

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