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Data Center – Install New UPS System – (01/10/2022) — Notification

To Our Valued Clients,

This maintenance is now open.

Type of Maintenance: Electrical

Location: Lightwave Data Center – 9305 Lightwave Ave, San Diego, CA 92123

Purpose: Install new UPS System

Service ImpactThis maintenance will be service impacting for single-corded customers and customers incorrectly connected to their (A+B) circuits.  Properly configured (A+B) customers will not see an impact on their service. Improperly configured (A+B) customers will see an interruption for the duration.

High-Level Summary:  NFINIT will be conducting power upgrades at the Lightwave Data Center. Beginning at 7:00 AM on Monday, January 10th, 2022, we will be shutting down the A-Side power to make the temporary connections to a secondary power source. This shutdown will last about 2 hours.

On Monday, January 24th, 2022, at 7:00 AM, we will be shutting down the A-Side power to reconnect to the permanent primary power source. This shutdown will last about 5 hours. The purpose of this equipment replacement is to allow us to continue to provide reliable power to our customers.

January 10th Maintenance Window:

Start:  2022-01-10 7:00 AM PST

End:  2022-01-10 9:00 AM PST

January 17th Maintenance Window:

Start:  2022-01-24 7:00 AM PST

End:  2022-01-24 12:00 PM PST

If you have any questions or concerns, please email support@nullredorum.com

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