Windows Find my Device

Windows isn’t just on desktops anymore like you think it would be. A handy new feature called Find my Device does exactly what you think it would do. To activate it, go to Start > Update & Security > Find my Device > Change > Save my device’s location periodically… Read More

Bedtime feature

With all the commotion and stress that is going on in your life, you may not have realized a helpful feature that iOS 10 has released to help ensure you are getting enough sleep. The bedtime feature in the clock app ensures that you go to sleep at the right… Read More

iOS 10.3 Upgrade

Need some extra space on your iPhone? Upgrade to iOS 10.3 and you will automatically see more storage open up. Sources:

Portrait Orientation Locked Feature on iPhone

Almost every iPhone user has been in the situation where their iPhone doesn’t know which way is up. There are plenty of times when you are lying down and your iPhone keeps switching from landscape to portrait. This is a simple fix. Swipe up on your home screen and press… Read More

Post Multiple Photos on Instagram

Instagram is finally bringing out the long-awaited feature to the app where you can share multiple videos and photos into a single post. Now instead of having to pick one photo from your trip, you can pick up to ten.

Google Maps Updated Feature

Google Maps now has a new feature where you can make a list of places you are thinking of visiting. If you are planning a trip you can look up all the places you want to go and save or share them with friends via social text or Facebook. Update… Read More

Safari Reader

Remove the web clutter when reading articles on your iPhone by using the reader in safari. You will then be able to just see the text and photos without the ads. Sources:

Valentine’s Day Tip

Forgot about Valentine’s Day and need to quickly send a gift to that special someone? Remember that you can now send gifts through social media sites which have a variety of gifts to choose from. You can buy chocolates or flowers and even a card and it will be waiting… Read More

Finding Hidden and Saved passwords

You go on so many sites and are constantly making passwords that it is often hard to keep track. If you forget, here is a way you can view your saved passwords in Windows 10.  Click on Start and type Credential manager  Click on the down arrow  Click Show link… Read More

Back to School – Stop Phone Distractions

As you come back from the holidays and get back into school or work, it’s time to start focusing again. Your phone is probably your biggest disturbance so here are 5 ways to make your phone less distracting: Turn off most notifications Use silent notifications Uninstall most of your apps Set… Read More

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