RedOrum LLC Announces Marketing and Design Department

San Diego, CA – November 13, 2014 – RedOrum (, an IT Consulting and Hosting company, announced they have expanded their design and marketing service in order to offer a comprehensive support system for businesses seeking guidance and improvements. “Having a Marketing and Design team is an important factor for… Read More

RedOrum introduces ArchCloud™ Online Backup Service

San Diego, CA – November 19, 2009 – RedOrum ( introduces ArchCloud™ Online Backup ( as an online backup cloud service. This service provides an easy way for people to backup and safeguard their data without any restrictions like file types and or file size limitations like many other various… Read More

RedOrum transitions into 80,000 square foot Data Center

San Diego, CA – November 01, 2009 – RedOrum ( has chosen AIS (American Internet Services) as a partner to co-locate technology services. RedOrum’s extends technology services from a 80,000 square-foot data center which is one of the fastest-growing data center co-location company in Southern California; Tier 4, Certified data… Read More

RedOrum introduces Design Studio Services

San Diego, CA – May 01, 2009 – RedOrum ( introduces “Design Studios Services” to add on to our full line of services offered to our existing and new customers. With RedOrum’s current webhosting services it makes sense for us to extend design and development services to our customers as… Read More

RedOrum participates in Stay Classy Fundraiser

San Diego, CA – April 06, 2009 – RedOrum ( with Stay Classy ( , and with many other organizations like San Diego Youth Services, are fund raising to build a homeless shelter for children and young adults in San Diego, CA. There are over 2,200 abandoned children and young… Read More

RedOrum Participates in Kiva B4B Project

San Diego, CA – February 01, 2009 – RedOrum ( is committed in giving back in as many ways as one small business can and your help can make a difference! With an early start this year in launching RedOrum to the web, RedOrum is proactively in finding ways in… Read More

RedOrum Launches

San Diego, CA – January 01, 2009 – RedOrum ( announces its starting of business to the public. DOT45 LLC and InteraLink LLC joined businesses to bring a full line of services to customers in IT Consulting, Management Services, Web hosting and related services for 2009. Existing customers will notice… Read More

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