Logo Copyrights

Logo Design Conditions

Design Briefing

The Client is solely responsible for providing detailed information and assets to RedOrum LLC via e-mail or secure ftp.


RedOrum LLC is not responsible for any delays that occur in meeting deadlines that result in Client providing incomplete, partial information/content/asset, whom is indecisive, or for Clients providing late/delayed feedback or response(s).

Technical Specifications

Color profile: The logo designed will be in a CMYK color profile, unless Client specifies otherwise.

File format: The source file will be in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format. The fonts will be converted into outlines. Other formats sent will be JPEG (for screen view), PNG (for use in web), EPS (scalable file for printing), and PDF. Additional formats can be required upon request at additional costs.

Logo Design Delivery

RedOrum standard delivery time for first drafts is 3 (three) to 5 (five) business days depending on the complexity of Client’s project.


Revisions generally consist of 4 additional compositions that incorporate changes requested by the Client or otherwise stated or agreed such as from a promotion. Each revision takes 2 business days or less to complete, depending on the complexity of Client’s requests. Client shall have 5 business days to respond to each set of revisions submitted to Client for review. If RedOrum LLC does not hear back from Client for more than 6 business days, RedOrum LLC will assume the project to be completed and the project shall be deemed to be complete. Once the final logo has been sent or project has been deemed completed, no further changes are available and any future changes are billable at then current rate.


RedOrum LLC will keep all logo design files for up to 3 years from the time the project was delivered or deemed completed. If Client needs a replacement copy, please contact RedOrum LLC and we will email a copy in a timely manner.


Promotional projects has to be paid int full. Once payment has been verified, design work may begin and the Client will be contacted by RedOrum. This will normally occur within two business days.

Under normal circumstance, Client must pay 80% before a project may begin, and the rest upon completion.

Logo Design Refund

If the Client is not satisfied with the Initial Concepts provided by RedOrum LLC, Client may request a refund. The refund process may however take from 7 to 21 business days.

The following conditions under which RedOrum LLC cannot provide a refund:
If Client has already confirmed or approved the acceptance of a design or asked for revision(s);
If Client has failed to communicate with RedOrum LLC for more than 5 business days;
Client has taken final delivery.

If a Client receives a refund, s/he acknowledges that Client will have no rights to use any initial logo design concepts/art/drawings/discussions/ideas, etc. provided by RedOrum LLC. The copyright remains with RedOrum LLC and the Client is not allowed to use RedOrum LLC’s designs/concepts/ideas/drawings/discussions/etc. as a design reference or for any anything.

Ownership and Copyright

On completion of the design project and Client has paid in full, the ownership and copyright of the final logo is automatically transferred to the Client. Unapproved draft logo designs, drawings, sketches, etc. shall remain the copyright of RedOrum LLC and Client may not have permission to use the unapproved designes/assets in anyway or form.

RedOrum LLC retains the rights to use the approved design(s) for RedOrum LLC marketing collateral such as RedOrum’s website, and portfolio.

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