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Who We Are

San Diego IT Consulting and Service Provider.

Established in 2008, RedOrum LLC (“RedOrum”) is a San Diego-based professional information technology consulting and design firm. We specialize in small and medium sized businesses, providing technology guidance and IT solutions through hardware and software sales, management, business optimization, strategy and planning, hosting, design, telecommunication, and much more.

Our goal is to help companies become informed about technology so they can make better decisions and align their IT strategy with their business plans. With the networks and partnerships that we have in place, we are well equipped to provide quality services and expertise to support the companies’ goals. RedOrum has contributed to the success of many diverse industries such as manufacturing, judicial, and medical. We offer a variety of services that can be customized for any organization, making it easy for any business. Every company is unique, and we welcome variety with our flexibility and responsiveness.

Honesty, Dedication, Flexibility & Determination.

What makes RedOrum unique is our proactive service offering. We understand not all companies, individuals or organizations work the same way or can be molded into a one size fit all methodology. We approach projects with an open mind, we listen, and during our discovery phase, we get down to the nitty gritty to uncover the deeper issues to resolve it. We are dedicated to you and your organization. We are more than just a vendor, we are your life time business solution partner.

Our Mission

RedOrum’s mission is to provide the best in class, with added value, and support for the small business community.

what it means to us

Strength, Confidence, Ambition, Dedication…

RedOrum [red-ohr-uhm]
In order to fully grasp our philosophy, our name must be broken down into two parts – RED & ORUM.

Red is a primary color.
It symbolizes our strength and confidence in helping others thrive. Our ambitions are dynamic and strong. We wanted a word that represent energy, passion, happiness and our perseverance. Red is our essence.

Orum is derived from the Latin word forum.
The nature of our business is unique due to the multitude of areas and discipline we cross to provide solutions for clients. We wanted a word that represent a sense for collaboration, learning, and something to describe a merging or coming together. We seek knowledge and understanding to strengthen our creative outlet and appetite to learn and succeed. Orum is our core foundation.

Collectively, “RedOrum” signifies certainty, fortitude, and commitment to learning and succeeding with you .

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